What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Contact Name Email Phone
Primary Christina Gleason cgleason@wysc.org 540-454-8935
Alternate Raul Heras 540-326-5624


Division Coach Email # of additional
teams needed
09-10Boys     1    
  John Anderson   Yes 0
  Chris Castaldy   Yes 0
  Jeff Winebarger   Yes 0
11-12Girls     1    
  Chris Leathermann   Yes 0
  Kris Gastley   NO  
  Kristi Kiernan   NO  
13-14Boys     1    
  Ronnie Bland   YES 0
  Kevin Lee   Yes 0
  Bill Leary        

If a coach's team is not full, and you feel your child is NBA caliber please contact the coach for a tryout. 

WYSC Select / NBA Divisions Information


There has been some confusion about how to register your team for the NBA division, which we now are calling the Select Division. 

You as a coach need to go  [HERE] to register your team. Your registration must include all players you want included on your team and their email addresses. You DO NOT need to complete payment when you register. We need to get a count of how many teams we have that may want to sign up, so we just need you to register your team now. 

Payments will be needed by November 17th. If some of your players have already signed up under our NCAA division, we will transfer them to your team and the other registration form, subtract what they have paid for registration and adjust your balance to reflect the correct amount owed. Some have viewed the registration fee of $950 to be high for a team, however if you fill your team with 10 players, then it is the same cost as the NCAA registration that is currently going on.

For anyone you list on your roster on the registration page that has not registered, we will send them a link to register to your team using a different registration page, not the NCAA page. 

We need to begin to determine which divisions will have enough teams. Once you register your team, your team will be displayed on the website so that other coaches know we are trying to form that division and how many teams are needed. 

Please do not wait until the last minute to sign up. The earlier the better. Even without payment. We need to get this program up and running. 

If you have already signed up to coach under the coaches individual registration, we still need you to register the team under the link above. If you do not, we do not know you want to coach in the NBA/SELECT division and will have to assume you want to coach in the NCAA where we appoint the players to your team.

If you already have signed up a team, please make sure that you have added all of your players names and emails so that I can add them to your team.