What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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I. Sport Policies and Procedures
1. Sportsmanship
1. It is the obligation of the coaches, players, volunteer, and other representatives of the WYSC Middle School Program to practice the highest principles of sportsmanship and to observe the ethics of competition. Good sportsmanship is defined as qualities of behavior, which are characterized by courtesy and genuine concern for others. The display of good sportsmanship is a statement of the individual’s understanding and commitment to play fair, ethical behavior and integrity.
2. Coaches Ethics
The coach must always be aware that he/ she can be either a positive or negative influence upon the development of the athlete. In all of his/ her personal contacts with athletes, officials, parents, and others, the coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical standard. In keeping with that standard, the following ethical guidelines should be observed by all WYSC Middle School coaches:
1. The coach has the discretion from the club to choose the amount of play time given to each player, if any, as this is a competitive team. However, we strongly encourage playing time for all players. Please realize that not all games are as critical as others, so use those games to play your less strong players.
2. The coach must always consider the personal safety of the athlete.
3. The coach shall be thoroughly acquainted with the WYSC rules and regulations of competition, and shall be responsible for their interpretation to team members.
4. Game officials shall have full respect and support of the coach. The coach shall not indulge in conduct that places the players or spectators against the officials.
5. The coach should respect his opponents, display behavior during competition that is gracious, and require that his/ her players conduct themselves in a similar fashion. Before and after competition rival coaches should meet and exchange friendly greetings to set the proper tone for the contest.
6. Coaches shall use their influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators as well as players.
7. The coach must understand his/ her role as mentor to players. Setting a positive example and encouraging a balance between academic and athletic achievement.
1. Follow the rules of discipline set by your coach.
2. Be willing to learn and give 100 percent.
3. Be a team player, not an individual star.
4. Contact your coach if you can't make it to a practice or a game.
5. Be a good sport and have fun.
6. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE REFEREE! Non-compliance with this can result in removal of players and/or forfeiture of the game.
7. If a player habitually violates any of the guidelines or official rules as outlined in this rule book, is habitually abusive to the referee or other players, or threatens a referee with physical violence (EVEN ONCE), they will be subject to denial of further participation
4. Zero Tolerance
The following policy should be read and followed by all persons participating in WYSC Middle School Basketball activities:
Before, during, and after all games the following will be enforced:
1. Players, coaches, assistants, parents, and spectators MAY NOT make insulting or negative remarks, directly or indirectly, to or about opposing players, officials, or spectators or commit other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike.
2. Players, coaches, assistants, parents, and spectator MAY NOT directly or indirectly make comments to or about the officiating crew or otherwise badger the officiating crew.
3. Officials will give one warning to a coach or other person(s) for misconduct. Upon the second infraction the coach or person(s) will be ejected from the game site and subject to further disciplinary action. If further misconduct occurs the game may be forfeited.
4. Penalty for violating rules of conduct or the tolerance policy will lead to the temporary or permanent expulsions of anyone involved.
5. Penalties for violations which occur following a game will be enforced during the next game.
6. If there is a physical altercation between a coach, other team representative or an official, they are subject to suspension, upon review of the WYSC Committee and the Warrenton Youth Sports Club Director.

II. Sports Operations
1. Facilities/ Competition Area
1. It is the responsibility of the coaches to follow the gymnasium guidelines while using the Middle School facilities. If these guidelines are not met the coach using the gymnasium at the time of the complaint will be held accountable for the infraction.
2. Violation: Repeat of the same violation twice will result in loss of practice space for the team the complaint is against.
2. Equipment
1. Coaches shall be responsible for any misuse of school or club equipment.
2. Each team shall receive four NCAA regulation 28.5 sized .
3. Each team shall receive six pennies.
4. When preparing for play coaches denoted as the “Home” team on the schedule shall be responsible for supplying an adequate game ball. If the regulation ball provided by the club does not meet competition standards, to be determined by the officials, then the “Away” team’s regulation sized ball may be used.
5. If any given team fails to provide an adequate game ball when denoted as the “Home” team in excess of two regular season games, that team will be asked to return their NCAA regulation balls to the club and supply their own game ball at the remainder of their “Home” games.
3. Game Rules
1Pressing is allowed during the entire game.
2These divisions will play four- 6 min quarters.
3. Each team gets 5 time outs per game. 3 will be 60 seconds, and 2 will be 30 seconds.
4. The game clock stops everytime the whistle blows.
5. Half-time will be 5 minutes in length.
6. There will be 2 minutes break between quarters.
7. Overtime will be 3 minutes in length and each team will be permitted one timeout.
8Substitutes will be allowed at any dead ball.
9. A player will foul out after his/her 5th personal foul.
4. Bench Decorum
1. Uniforms:
1. Player’s jerseys must have number on the back of the Jersey and WYSC logo on the front.
2. Club will provide players and teams with uniforms upon the payment of all players via individual registration online.
2. Dress Code:
1. Players must wear the team jersey provided to them by the club and distributed by the team’s coach.
2. Proper footwear.
3. Black or white undershirts (specifically for female players should the jersey cut demand it)
4. Shirts should be tucked into athletic shorts all of the way around.
5. Dress code does not apply to team practices.
6. No jewelry is allowed to be worn by any player. This includes pierced earrings. The wearing of band aids to cover the earrings on the ear is prohibited by the Virginia State High School Basketball Rules which WYSC Middle School basketball follows. No bobby pins or any metal or hard substance will be worn in the hair. Wrist bands other than sweat wrist bands of any kind are prohibited.
5. Bench Personnel
1. A team may have on its bench only the eligible persons listed on its official roster, including four (4) non-players (coaches, ball boy, scorekeeper, etc.). Only eligible players may wear uniforms on the bench. Injured players may attend games and sit on the team’s bench without wearing the official team uniform.
2. At least one person age eighteen (18) or older must be on the bench at all times. If as a result of a removal, illness, etc., no roster member of the minimum age of eighteen (18) is available, officials shall select a person of suitable age to supervise the bench.
3. If a team or player fails to demonstrate the proper team uniform and therefore violates the uniform requirements the opposing team shall be granted two (2) technical foul shots upon the violating players entrance into the game. This violation will only occur if a player attempts to enter a game with improper attire on. All technical fouls under this Rule are Administrative, and are not addressed to any coach or player.
4. If a player attempts to enter a game demonstrating an insufficient uniform a second time that player will be required to exit the game. They may continue to watch from the stands but are not allowed to remain on the team bench.
6. Ejections
1. Any players recorded on the official score sheet as ejected for fighting by the officials (striped shirts) will be prohibited from playing in the next scheduled game.
2. If a coach or player is ejected from a game, he/ she will be placed on probation.
3. If a coach or player is ejected at the same time, he/ she will sit out that game and the next game.
4. If a coach or player is ejected a third time, he/ she will be suspended from the league.
7. Scoring
1. NO GAME WILL START WITHOUT AN OFFICIAL SCOREKEEPER WHO WILL BE FURNISHED BY THE HOME TEAM AND AN OFFICIAL TIMEKEEPER WHO WILL BE FURNISHED BY THE VISITING TEAM. THESE INDIVIDUALS MUST BE ADULTS. The scorekeeper and the game officials must sign all scoring records. The first and last name of each player shall be furnished to the scorekeeper by the coaches.
2. All players must report to the scorer’s table before entering the floor.
3. The official scorer and the timekeeper must be seated together at the scorer's table and remain neutral. No one else will be seated at the table. The score keeper or time keeper shall not cheer or coach players of teams or the time keeper or score keeper will be asked to leave the table.
4. Each coach shall have the team's players listed by number in the official score book, at least five minutes prior to the start of the game.
5. Referee MUST sign score book to validate game's final score.
8. Pregame Activity
1. Each team will have the right to half the playing floor at least ten (10) minutes prior to their game.
2. The official will wait 5 minutes after calling “Play Ball”. If a team cannot put a complete team on the floor in this (5 players), the game will be forfeited to the team that can put a complete team on the floor. If neither team has enough players for a complete team, each team will take a loss, or make up the game at another time as scheduled by the Middle School Coordinator.
3. A complete roster will be given to the scorekeeper ten minutes prior to the game. Those absent or excused should be listed on the scorebook at the scorer’s table. The coach shall designate his starting five to the scorekeeper 5 minutes prior game time.
1. Coaches are not authorized to deviate from the official published schedule of game. All rescheduling of games shall be done by the Middle School Coordinator.
10. Gymnasium Rules- General
1. Only proper athletic shoes will be worn on the gym floor. No street shoes on the court.
2. All school equipment will be left alone.
3. Gym and premises must be left secure, clean and in the same condition as they were found. The home team game monitor for the last game in each facility shall have this responsibility.
4. All persons who attend games and/or practice at one of the school facilities will not be allowed in areas not authorized for use by this program.
5. If it snows/ices, coaches should consult http://www.wysc.org/ to determine whether the program will be cancelled. The Middle School Coordinator shall also attempt to notify each coach. Coaches will then notify their players. If schools close during the week due to weather or holidays then there will be no practice or games on that date.

III. Registration

All participants must register through WYSC in order to participate in any game or event. Registration fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the season by cash or check to a WYSC administrator.
1. Entry Fees
1. Registration fees will defer season to season depending on rising costs and rising demand. The individual registration fee of participants will be based on the costs of the following items:
1. Gymnasium usage fees
2. Uniforms
3. Team equipment
4. Game materials
5. Referees
6. Administration
2. Deadlines
1. All players must be registered and teams formed prior to the registration deadline noted on the FCMSS registration page. Once the deadline has passed players may no longer register for a team online.
3. Team Rosters
1. All teams must have a roster of twelve (12) athletes (if possible) and three (3) non-athletes are allowed on a team roster. All athletes (players) and non-athletes (coaches) must be registered FCMSS Members.
2. Once a coach has acquired his/ twelve (12) athletes a list of player names and contact information (e-mail address) must be submitted to the Middle School Basketball Coordinator.
3. Once a player has registered and paid the registration fee and the coach has submitted the team roster with player names and contact information, that player shall be added to the official team roster by the Middle School Coordinator.
4. No players may be added to a team roster beyond the registration deadline.

IV. Administration

Warrenton Youth Sports Club
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-2:30pm
Club Phone: 540-454-8935
Address: P.O Box 3134, Warrenton, VA 20188
1. WYSC Director- Raul Heras
2. Middle School Basketball Coordinator- Christina Gleason
1. Cgleason@wysc.org