What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Overview of Recreational Basketball Draft

Primary Contact: Christina Gleason at or Raul Heras via email to   or call 540-326-5624

Changes to Draft Process Beginning Winter 2012 Season:

Each year, the WYSC Basketball committee gathers feedback from players, coaches, and parents on ways to improve the basketball experience for all who participate. The higher level goal doesn't change from year to year, which is to provide an inclusive and positive physical outlet for the youth of our community through an organized and fair basketball program.  This common goal is at the center of our focus as a group of WYSC staff and basketball committee volunteers consider modifications to procedures and rules of play after each season. 

One of the elements of the WYSC basketball program whose design is meant to deliver balanced skill distribution across all teams includes the basketball draft.  In past years, significant consideration had been given to players and their families' location of residence such that travel for practice and games was minimized.  This resulted in some regional teams consistently organized with the same or very similar rosters.  In certain cases the unintended consequence of the formation of "super teams" occurred, with extremely unbalanced contests and scores.

In an effort to reduce the possibility of this happening, the WYSC basketball committee has adopted the idea that travel between the central part of the county and either the North or the South is reasonable, and as such, during the draft this December,

  • coaches in the South will be able to draft players from either the southern or central regions,
  • coaches from the Central Region will be able to draft players from the South, Central, or Northern regions.
  • the coaches from the North will be able to draft players from either the North or the Central region. 

This represents a slight change from the manner in which the basketball draft was conducted last year, and one that we believe will have a positive influence on the balance of skill distribution across most or all teams.  Again, it is the intent for any change like this, big or small, to result in a more enjoyable and competitive experience for all players, families, and coaches.

Draft Policies and Team Assignments

September 30 is the age cut-off for each season. Your child's age on that date will determine which division they play in.

Each team may have one representative at the draft table (whether it's the coach, assistant coach, or other representative).

Adults only (no children) since we have a minimal amount of time allocated for each age division.

Each team's draft pick will be determined at the beginning of your assigned draft time by picking a number. Your number will determine the order you pick in the first round.  Then, the number sequence will be reversed in all subsequent rounds.

The draft will start on time. You may arrive 15 minutes early to review the draft list.

The coach and assistant coaches' children would represent your first and second round picks.

ONLY paid registered players who previously attended the Evaluation will be included in the player pool used for the Draft.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches children MUST attend the evaluation to be included in the draft.  If they do not, the commissioner will draft the team in place of the coach. 

Registered players who did not attend the Evaluation session will NOT be eligible to be drafted. Instead these players will be assigned to a team, after the draft,  by the division commissioner.  Team assignments will be based, only when possible, on the player's region request during registration.

Each coach is allowed to draft their own, as well as the assistant coach's children, as long as the players attended the evaluation and the coaches have registered and paid for their child.

PLAYERS NOT REGISTERED prior to the Draft will not be eligible to participate in the draft.

Players in division 5/6 do not need to attend the evaluation sessions.

Team transfer requests are not able to be honored.  The basketball league is run by a Draft, switching players to another team causes an inbalance of teams.